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With less computing power than now exists in the palm of one’s hand, humankind was able to make strides toward a historic moon landing and repeat this feat six more times. If all of this was achieved decades ago with a fraction of the technological advancement that exists today, what is impossible? This is exactly what we at Lunabash think when looking up at the aether.

Couple this concept together with ‘bash’, which is the act of executing code in a command line, and you have our company name, ‘Lunabash’.

We are at your service to make your ‘impossible’ ideas possible.

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We specialise in the creation and curation of the modern business’s most valuable assets, development and data. Whether your needs lie in prototyping an idea fresh in your mind, setting up your e-commerce business or bringing out the big guns with web and app development, we guarantee to bring an innovative solution to your brief.

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